Monday, August 3, 2009

The latest on the Chromatophore show...

Hello fellow artists and followers of the Chromatophore mail art call! I'll be sending out a mail art press release this week. Thought I'd share the letter I wrote. I really want to get maximum exposure for our little show that we all worked so hard to make. Thank you each and every one of you who participated. I know pieces are still trickling in and I have a pile to scan and post from Saturday--August 1st the official due date. I'll be working on a program that will list all of the participating artists! I hope to make that available via email and on this blog. Once again, thank you for making Chromatophore such a wildly successful mail art show! (Because it's going to be a wildly successful mail art show opening too!!)

The question I have gotten more often than, “What is a Chromatophore?” is, “What is mail art, how do I do it?” Mail art is nothing new but everytime a new person comes across it they are pleasantly suprised by it’s welcoming free spirit. Mail art connects people from all over the world in an intimate meaningful way. It does this by... individual artists who send their art via the postal system to other artists. Ray Johnson made mail art popular in the 1960s but many can identify with doodling on an envelope before sending a letter to grandma or a friend. (At least those of us who are old enough to have sent correspondence via the snail mail.) Mail art gives the human touch back to a digital society.
Chromatophore is a mail art show started in August 2008 and ending August 09. The call was sent out and many answered. Over 300 pieces have been mailed to my home from over 20 countries. All art was documented on the blog: .
Please join me and Studio 620 in witnessing the connection of artists from as close as St. Petersburg, FL to as far away as Australia and Japan. The art extravaganza will include interactive mail art tables where guests will be able to add to current mail art shows, view our map of artists, live music by Rebecca Zapen, view over 300 pieces of mail art, participate in a raffle for prizes, and view artifacts from the historic St. Petersburg Open Air Postal museum! It will be a night of family fun to be much remembered! Admission is free. Mail art is not for sale.
Exhibit will be on display from August 27-Septemeber 5, 2009 @ Studio 620. Please contact Jennifer Zoellner for more information. or

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