Thursday, July 30, 2009

John Alex Carvajal

Last year John's piece (for the 1st Annual mail art show) was sent from Oldsmar, FL and took a detour to South America before making it to St. Petersburg, FL--it's final destination. Looks like this piece made it without a hitch! Thanks John--hope to see you at the opening!

William Evertson

You can read Bill's blog HERE Bill's piece is 3 dimensional and is copper metal and silver solder. On the inside is a man, the words Wish you were here and Chromatophore--all made out of metal! Fabulous!

Tiffany Minsal

Calan Ree

find Calan on etsy HERE

David Berube

Maryanne C.

Mary Anne L.

Sue R.

Joshua H.

Paige B

Hillary S.

Bob G

Carrie W.

Hillary S.

Joy B.

John D.

Natalie L.

Natalie included a real tea bag on her piece!

Joe M


Yves Maraux

Joey Know

Wacky Stuff!

Ria Vanden Eynde

Check out Studio 620 home of the Chromatophore show opening and exhibit!

Here is the Studio 620's website featuring the Chromatophore Show!