Friday, October 30, 2009

A message from Cecil Touchon

A Book About Death — Isn't Dead Yet

A message from Cecil Touchon:

A Book About Death - 2010

I am putting out an open call - please spread the word.
I will be putting on a Book About Death exhibition/performance next October using the set of cards, posters, artifacts, etc. that I have and I invite everyone to send a postcard sized collage for next year's exhibition. You could also send any sort of small sized artwork,
objects to put in a box with other people's objects
event score for performance,etc.

everything should say on it somewhere: A Book About Death

I will attempt to do a book around it that I will be fashioning over the course of the year. If there is anyone who is actually a good book designer and knows how to use better software than word for windows, I invite you to contact me and collaborate on the creation of the book. I want it to have many images, stories, poems, etc. - possibly a multi-volume set over the coming years. I can see that A Book About Death is going to have a long and growing life over the coming years. I invite collaborators to help out with the organizing and we'll need some performers to show up for the opening. We could also coordinate simultaneous or traveling exhibitions around the country or world.

Louise, maybe you can announce this to those who are sending things for your show at the Queens or make a flier to give out at the show there?

Send to:
A Book About Death 2010
6955 pinon street
fort worth, texas 76116


Saturday, October 24, 2009

William Philyaw

Carroll Woods

Carroll Checks in with a drawing from the MAIL + Sketch book she is working on! I believe she has added and now passed it! Thank you Carroll!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Maia D.


Coralette Damme

Check out Coralette's mail art call here...

Fran Haney makes her joyous return to this blog!

Cherie gives a nod to UR TOY STORY!

II Bienal Arte Milheiros from Portugal

WOW... a full color mail art show catalog. Each nation or sometimes two... have a little catalog featuring the name of the artist and a picture of their piece!! Can you imagine that?? Then all the little booklets are grouped together. Thank you for sending me one--I really enjoyed looking at it!

I got some FANTASTIC show Catalogs yesterday!!

The Domino Principle was a mail art call that I participated in--all the way in Tatarstan, Russia. This is documentation for the show. It contains a catalog of all the players and a certificate proving my participation! Very well done and thank you for sending it to me! Also included is a mail art call!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Katherine Michael

THank you Katherine!! Katherine Michael is a local folk artist here in the Tampa Bay area... I love her work--especially the Me and Mona series. But, I like all her work... Plus she's just the nicest gal! Thank you for making me smile. I really needed it today! Excellent timing!!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some Mail art SENT by moi



Thanks MUDHEAD! How did you send me and MB mail art at the same time? You know we both sent him sketchbooks on the same day. I like that.

Pierpaolo Limongelli

Here is an exciting new project! Thanks!

Bill Evertson... my new friend

Sending out his inner gator...
I have about 1o or more gators living within a mile of my home... I see them every morning when I drive my kids to school... some mornings I see one. Some two or three... but they are all there lurking in the lake...

Dr. Brignone

The Doctor is in the house... and this piece of mail art is just what the doctor ordered! Can't wait to respond!