Tuesday, September 14, 2010

UR TOY STORY mail art Installation at the Artpool gallery, St. Petersburg, FL

Here is a sampling of photos from the UR TOY STORY mail art show.  You can still see the show... for about a month... it will be hanging at the Artpool Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL.  Artpool is open Tues-Thursday from noon to 6 pm and Friday and Saturday from Noon to 7 pm.  There are about 500 pieces displayed from 23 different countries.  Thank you everyone who sent in work to this show.  You are the art heroes! It has been my honor to receive this work.  Thank you again.


Schnukster said...

Jennifer, this looks amazing! You really did a fantastic job pulling all this together and displaying it. Very nice work and thanks so much for sharing it!

PJ said...

It looks great! I wish I lived closer; I would loved to have seen this in person, but you took great photos.