Saturday, January 29, 2011

Igor Bartolech

Adamandia Kapsalis

Nicol A. Kostic

ex posto facto

Torma Cauli

Tamara Wyndham

Coralette Damme

Don't forget to check out Coralette's mail art call HERE!

stamp art museum

Makarova Tatyana

Hugo Porcaro, Jr

Mail Art Season 3:Red

Check out the new exhibition called, "SHOE"

DJ Classy

Katherine Michael

Please check out Katherine's website HERE!

Samuel Montavetti

Truman Bentley Jr.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Truman Bentley Jr.

Send $2 and/or stamps to Truman Bentley Jr. to get his uber offensive newsletter!!

Keith Buchholz

Mike Dickau

Anke van den Berg

Looks like Anke has a mail art call called, "The King" and your work is due by December 31, 2011!

Ross Priddle

Another Priddle letter for sale... this one is more mysterious than the first one...
Check out Ross HERE.